Einstein Meadows 101 – Pop Quiz

**An academic satire without a quiz? Impossible!
No worries: no grades, no pressure; just for giggles.
Scoring criteria at the end of the quiz 

1. Which animal is NOT mentioned in the story?
a) Cat       b) Dog        c) Horse       d) Pig        
e) Llama       f) Rooster
2. How many languages does Chief El Guappo speak?
a) One          b) Two          c) Three          d) None
3. What did Trombenik deposit in the gallery?
a) Lunch             b) Huge load         
c) Painting          d) Display cases
4. What language dictionary is at the end of the book?
a) Spanish          b) French         
c) Yiddish          d) Chinese
5. Why does the HOA ban Cowboy Bill
from the hot tub?
a) They won’t let him in with his boots on         
b) They won’t let him wear his guns
c) He undresses women with his eyes                
d) He refuses to drink beer out of a plastic cup
6. What is Bella Blozkop’s cover career?
a) Model                    b) Librarian       
c) Go-go dancer       d) Physics teacher
7. What activity do the Einstonians practice
once a month under the Ramada?
a) Mahjong                        b) Bridge
c) Nude sunbathing        d) Hot yoga

8. Who is Randy-Candy?
a) Barmaid at Hooters for Cooters    
b) 4-legged pet
c) Real estate agent at the Meadows    
d) Mentor for new residents

9. Which pair is twins?
a) Sister Pashkudnik and Brother Shaygetz       
b) Reverend Verschwender and Rabbi Kaplan
c) Brunnhilde Meeskeit and Bella Blozkop            
d) Leopold Spieber and Zachariah Denker

10. What did Frenchie miss from his younger days?
a) Playing accordion                       
b) Performing mime         
c) Being shot out of a cannon
d) Strolling along the Champs-Elysees

11. How did Ray Rising Sun sign his note on the community blog?
a) Your friend               b) Your neighbor       
c) Your ganja guru       d) Your tolerance conscience

12. Who first sang the Einstein Meadows
theme song?
a) Ned                        b) Dr. Freud         
c) Cara Chasid          d) Ima Khazzer
13. What does Filbert der Dorftrottel wave
in the last chapter?
a) American flag                    b) Branding iron         
c) White handkerchief         d) Sparklers      

14. Who are the Three Amigos?
a) Three wild jackasses on the ranch          b) Owners of a local bar
c) Founders of Einstein Meadows                d) Jose’s grandchildren
15. Who said: “You cannot open a book without learning something”?
a) Dr. Seuss          b) The Brothers Grimm         
c) Confucius         d) Albert Einstein


Finished! Great job. Reward yourself with popcorn and a brew!

If you correctly answered:
  • At least 13 questions, award yourself an honorary doctorate. You can choose your specialty. For those of you who already have a doctorate, a second one can’t hurt (as Ned will attest). Plus, you’ve earned yourself a seat on the Einstein Meadows magic bus. Go to the Head of the Class!!

  • At least 10 questions, you’ve earned yourself a seat on the Einstein Meadows magic bus. Great job!!

  • 6 to 9 questions, (tsk, tsk) it’s time you reread the book. You are in danger of being listed in Brunnhilde’s dreaded Hall of Shame.

  • 5 or below correct answers:  Reread the book immediately. You are in danger of being placed in the community stockade. Remember in the Southwest, it gets mighty hot. And don’t forget about the scorpions, tarantulas, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and other unfriendly critters.

Answer Key:     

1: a       2: c       3: b       4: c         5: a       6: d          7: c      

8: b       9: b       10: c      11: c     12: b       13: b       14: c
It’s easy to raise your score. We suggest you read the novel aloud with a friend (or two or three). Enjoy your favorite beverage or herbal treat to enhance the experience.

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